Camden Park Environmental Education Centre

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Environmental audits

An environmental snapshot, or audit, of your school can be of invaluable assistance when writing a school environmental management plan, or simply looking at ways to promote and establish a more sustainable environment at your school.
Through in depth studies and analysis in the areas of energy and water use, in conjunction with waste management procedures, current practises at your school that need attention are easily identified, and effective solutions may be developed based upon these investigations.

Camden Park Environmental Education Centre staff assist students with the facilitation of the collection by cautioning students on the importance of scientific rigour when gathering raw data, to ensure that a true representation of the schools current position is captured. All equipment, such as checklists, tally sheets, light meters, stop watches, software, protective gear are provided on the day.

Following a whole school presentation of their findings, the data is then processed by Camden Park Environmental Education Centre staff to generate a comprehensive report detailing areas of excess use within the school, but more importantly, identifying ways in which these areas of excess can be reduced with practical and effective solutions. 

For more information, download the Sample audit report (PDF 55.3KB).